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Mar 2024
Does Fasting Cause Heart Problems?
Did you see the study about fasting?
Headlines this week claimed that time-restricted eating (the scientific term for intermittent fasting) was linked to a 91 percent higher risk of cardiovascular death.
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Mar 2023
Totley Pharmacy travel clinic - appointment booking now available!
See our new travel clinic page and book in your travel vaccinations now! We can provide you with travel vaccinations and antimalarial medications
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Oct 2022
24/7 Prescription Collection comes to Sheffield
Totley Pharmacy launches its 24/7 Prescription Collection machine making prescriptions available to you pick up whenever it suits the customer best.
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Feb 2022
What is a Covid-19 Fit to Fly PCR test & Why Do You Need It?
Get in touch with Totley Pharmacy for your Fit to Fly test & travel worry-free. We got your back!
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Jan 2022
How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight With the Best Weight Management Programme
Learn how to manage your weight healthily & boost your weight loss motivation in Sheffield with the best weight loss programme.
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Dec 2021
Why You Need Day 2 Testing When You Return to the UK
Get PCR Day 2 testing in Sheffield at Totley Pharmacy. Same day results for peace of mind.
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Nov 2021
What is a travel clinic and how can it help you with your travel vaccinations?
Take a few simple steps towards ensuring good health on your trip before travelling abroad. You’ll be able to keep those around you healthy as well if you take a moment to understand the health risks you might come across at your destination.
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Nov 2021
The Flu Vaccine - Is it Safe & Who Should Get it?
The flu vaccine is the most effective way to protect yourself, as well as those around you; it is especially vital this year to help reduce the pressure on the NHS due to Covid. That’s why we have compiled this guide to who is eligible for a free flu vaccine in Sheffield and why you should book it.
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Sep 2021
Are you fit for Travel? How Your Local Travel Clinic can Help!
Boarding passes, passports, itineraries and sunscreen are likely at the forefront of your mind when planning your next trip abroad. But ensuring you’ve taken all the preventative measures to protect your health should be high up on that list of priorities, too. By visiting our travel clinic in Sheffield, you can grant yourself the peace of mind that you’re truly well prepared.
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Sep 2021
What is a Fit to Fly Antigen Test & Do I Need One?
After a year of being in and out of lockdown, we’re all feeling optimistic about the future and starting to plan those trips abroad. We’ve been lucky enough in the UK to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, and many countries are now allowing UK travellers through their borders, provided they have a Fit to Fly certificate. You can get a Fit to Fly certificate after having a rapid antigen test. So, what is a Fit to Fly antigen test, and do you need one?
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Jul 2021
How to Jet Off with Affordable Day 2 & 8 Testing
As travel begins to open up again, people are beginning to head off on business trips, and long-awaited family holidays. However, we know that you may be concerned about factoring Covid PCR tests into your usual travel costs. Whatever your reasons for travelling abroad, we are offering affordable day 2 and 8 testing in Sheffield. Our accessible pricing will help you save money and focus on what’s important – making the most of your time away.
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Jun 2021
Covid PCR Test - Fit to Fly
As travel begins to open back up, learn how you can jet off safely with a Covid PCR Test in Sheffield.
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May 2021
Weight Management in Sheffield
If you are looking for Weight Management in Sheffield to, we can help get you started on your journey to a better you. We will be there for you every step of the way, with advice and treatments to suit you.
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May 2020
A view from the pharmacy.
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Mar 2019
Chris Wilder unveils local fundraiser for St Luke's Hospice
Totley Pharmacy’s donation station for St Luke’s Hospice was opened to the public on Friday by the Sheffield United boss. This is the third year running that the Totley based pharmacy has supported St Luke’s, a hospice specialising in care for terminally ill patients throughout...
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Feb 2019
Chris Wilder to open donation station for St. Luke's at Totley Pharmacy on March 1st.
We are delighted and proud to announce that one of Sheffield's finest, Chris Wilder, will be at Totley Pharmacy to open a donation station for our charity partners St Luke's, which will be located within the pharmacy itself. The official opening will be at 3pm on March 1st and the event will be...
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Feb 2019
New Year's Resolution
New year resolutions aren’t new — apparently the practice dates back to the Babylonians, whose Akitu festival was centred on praying to the gods for a happier, healthier year ahead. You are likely to be reading this article a few weeks into 2019, so it may seem strange to be talking...
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Jan 2019
National Pharmacy Awards finalists
One of Sheffield’s leading pharmacies has been praised for its work with the local community after it was named a finalist at one of the UK’s biggest industry awards ceremonies. Totley Pharmacy, based on Baslow Road in Sheffield, was shortlisted in the Local Health Initiative of the...
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Jan 2019
Praise for Sheffield pharmacy at prestigious national awards ceremony
One of Sheffield’s leading pharmacies has been praised for its work with the local community after it was named a finalist at one of the UK’s biggest industry awards ceremonies. Totley Pharmacy, based on Baslow Road in Sheffield, was shortlisted in the Local Health Initiative of the...
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Sep 2018
New School Term-New Head Lice Infestations
Soon your children will be returning to school and the annual problems of head lice and nits will once again appear. Head lice are tiny insects which live by sucking blood from the scalp. They lay eggs which hatch after 7- 10 days. It takes about 10 days for a newly hatched louse to grow to an...
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