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May 2020
Coronavirus has had an unprecedented peace-time effect on our lives impacting on work, shopping, leisure and even social interactions - I'm sure you all desperately await the days when we again greet family members with an embrace. Even the Olympics and Wimbledon have been cancelled - and we're not sure when football will return (it won't surprise Sheffield football fans who have been repeatedly disappointed that some Blades see this as a complex conspiracy to deny us European football). As well as pubs, restaurants and non-essential shops closing, even healthcare has been affected. In order to maintain distance, doctors' surgeries, dentists and opticians have had to close their doors, so you are now interacting with your doctors in a different way.
Many pharmacies have also been overwhelmed by the extraordinary volume of work and have to close their doors for parts of the day. At Totley Pharmacy, we have recognised the increased need for access to healthcare by our patients and have actually lengthened our working hours to increase our services to the local community. I would like to say a huge thank-you to my team who have gone above and beyond working tirelessly to serve all our patients.
I would also like to say a huge thank-you to local volunteers who have helped us with delivering prescriptions. If you do need a delivery, please get in touch (0114 2361070) and we can arrange this for you - we do have capacity to do extra deliveries.
I would like to congratulate the local community for the fantastic way they have responded to this crisis. We have seen and heard many examples of incredible community spirit with people helping friends and neighbours, especially the vulnerable. I am proud to be part of such a great community.
We have also been beneficiaries of this spirit and generosity, receiving lots of presents and messages of appreciation - heartfelt thanks for these and the support. I know many of you are very proud of and grateful to all the local independent businesses who have not only stayed open throughout the crisis but have gone far beyond all expectations risking their own health to serve everyone. Speaking for all these local business owners, we really hope you keep supporting us over the next few years even when things return to normal. I understand supermarkets, big chains and the internet can be convenient but will any of them care for you and our community like we have done in these testing times?
Over the past 24 years I have owned Totley Pharmacy, we have lost so many local butchers, greengrocers, post-offices, newsagents, hardware shops etc. Without your continued support we probably will not be around the next time you need us. Every time you use a supermarket pharmacy or one of the multinational chains, you harm our chances of survival. As for internet pharmacies, I cannot understand why anyone would use their inferior and incomplete services. Please, please do not fall for their hard sell - talk to us; we offer so much more than they ever can. I do not wish to sound alarmist but without your support for independent businesses, our local shopping centres will become soulless ghost towns. Would we rather not have thriving social centres?
As I'm writing this, we are still in lockdown. I'm not sure what the situation will be when you read this - hopefully things are looking better. However, it is likely that we will need to adjust for quite a while yet. The main thing of course is to maintain social distancing, especially if you are medically vulnerable. Keep practising regular hand cleansing too and avoid touching your face. The balance of advice says it is useful to use barriers such as gloves and masks. It is very important to remain healthy to give yourself the best chance of fighting the virus if you catch it, so keep exercising responsibly and try to maintain a healthy diet. Call in to see us for advice on supplements that will help. We are working extremely hard to maintain supplies of masks, gloves, cleansers, painkillers etc.
Feel free to call or visit us for any questions you have. Ask the experts: do not follow unsolicited advice from the internet or even "the leader of the free world" - put away that disinfectant and syringe.
As we are likely to need some adjustments for quite a while, please be patient with us - we are working as hard as we can. Over many years, we have fine-tuned our procedures to achieve the best care and maximum efficiency for ALL our patients. When someone tells us to change our procedures for their convenience, it may suit them, but it diminishes our efficiency and care for other patients. We ask politely that you show understanding, and work with us through these testing times.
We are humbled by the support we have received and are immensely proud to serve you all. Keep safe, we will get through this together.
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